Our Story

Loveridge & Loveridge Fragrance Atelier (LLFA) is a small company founded in 2012. The founders, Blair & Stacey are focused on constructing fragrances that have been thoughtfully made by hand and on continuing the time honoured techniques for blending, ageing and filtering. 
Based in New Zealand, the founders use the islands legendary natural beauty and pureness of environment as a constant source of inspiration for each fragrance. This unique corner of the world naturally lends itself to the creation of fragrances with integrity and soul.
Blair, our master craftsman lives by the 'slow is best' philosophy when tending to each step of our hand made manufacturing process. We don't slave ourselves to machines to do our work but instead we are an integral part of the process. This is what makes our fragrances unique. 
Our 'slow is best' philosophy means all notes in each fragrance are developed with intention and will be long wearing against your skin. 
Each and every bottle is hand-filled and hand packaged. This level of attention to detail means we can ultimately give you a treasured object of the highest quality. 
Our brands are Man 1921 for men and L&L for women.